Been on the water a lot since got home from spain

Basically i went to spain for the heineken music festival, Benicasim. had a real good time, but got a call from my dad telling me they had wind at the BSA slalom event at Hunstanton. oh well Matt Pearch still did a good job for North/Fanatic.

Since i have been back i have been slalom sailing a lot along side my recently transformed windsurfer to kitesurfer friend Ben Grist. Have been traverling down in my van at least once if not 2 or 3 times a week to Worthing. had regular winds between 20 to 30 knots. i have been regularly sailing on my 2010 north ram 7.0meter and 2010 Fanatic Falcon 115 with my new nik baker Mean Line fins. unfortunatly around this time of year there is an annoying amont of weed in the sea making sailing at speed tricky.

just waiting for some waves now, haven’t been proper wave sailing since christmas!

as u can see in the picture we may have come a bit too close. almost got our self in a dangerious situation, ben forgot about his kite as it dived and dragged him through me and over my kit.

he also put together a small video from his iphone 4 footage which he put in an aqua-pac in a buoyancy aidKitesurfing at Worthing – iPhone 4, Taken on an iPhone 4 whilst in an aquapac.

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