Tuesday 14th Sept and Wednesday 15th Sept 2010

Wind started to build on the Tuesday, enough to get out on the Starboard W44 and North F2009 7m. Very flat waters and winds at 15k gusting 25k produced peak speeds of 38 knots. Nice easy day. Tuesday saw real winds, 40k gusting to over 50 knots. The water looked like a pan of boiling water, this was not going to be an easy day for me. Pretty much every one had an “over the bars” at full tilt at one point or another. Stand out sailors were Farrel, Steve Thorpe and Kevin Greenslade making the rad conditions look tame, well done. Most sailors were getting low to mid 40′s but Steve and Farrel both saw 48′s on the dial. I had my “over the bars” on my first run. I can confirm that water is a pretty hard thing when you face plant it at 40k:) My crash resulted in an 18″ rip in my bottom panel, a 2″ rip in the second panel and a snapped second batten. A temporary “duck tape” repair would not work on the bigger rip and I don’t carry spare battens with me, so I reluctantly opted to continue sailing with a knackered sail, it felt like a bag of squid. Equipment for the day was a Starboard W44, North F2009 5.2m and a TM45 22cm fin. This combo was perfect, never felt over powered. I only managed 41.5 knots, but without the handycap of a knackered sail, I think I would have had an extra 2 to 3 knots. Looking forward to the next gale:)

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