Starboard iSonic 107 and iSonic 137 review update

Plenty of snow around so to much windsurfing going on. Now that Iv’e had plenty of sessions on the new 2011 iSonics, now ideal time to do a quick update on how they feel.

iS107 wood:

Fins used: Select RS7 41cm

Sails used: North Warps 7m/8m/9m

First impressions were that low-end, upwind and gybing was similar to the old iS111, not so. All have improved on the 2011 model. The sharper rails in the rear section improve low-end drive. The sharper rear rails also slightly increase the tail width which has improved upwind speed. Despite the slight extra tail width, the sharper rails help grip which means you can take a slightly smaller fin for increased top end. These improvements also make sailing a 9m sail much more comfortable than the iS111. The iS107 is less physical to sail than the older iS111 for sure. Generally, the iS107 is a big step forward compared to older models. I will be keeping this board for a while, love it:)

iS137 Carbon:

Fins used: Select RS7 51cm, Select S10 47cm and Vector Canefire 48cm.

Sails used: North Warps 8m/9m.

Like the iS107, the iS137 has sharper rails in the rear section which improve drive and increased tail width to improve upwind angle and speed. Again, like the iS107, you can take slightly smaller fins without loosing drive. The iS137 carbon feels “super light” compared with the old iS144. Overall, this is a good thing, but in some instances its not, like for instance when your way over powered the board will lift/rail up easier than the old and heavier iS144. It is very important to correctly tune this board to get great speed and control. When the wind picks up a bit, if you get the tuning wrong and it will be difficult to control and will feel very physical to sail. I feel that the heavier iS137 wood will be easier to control in harsher conditions. The old iS144 did have a very easy “plug in and play” nature making it very easy to sail with 9m/51cm fin sail from 8 knots right through to 20 knots, making it an easy “one board” solution for typical UK summer conditions. But, with correct tuning and two or three good fins, the newer iS137 carbon will leave it for dead. Those who want a less physical/easier ride should opt for the iS137 wood as this will have a more forgiving ride. Unless your Dunkerbeck, or prepared to spend time tuning and money testing different fins, ┬áthere is no real gain in the more expensive carbon model for most weekend warriors.

iSonic 137 carbon & iSonic 107 woodiSonic 137 carboniSonic 137 carbon

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