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4 or 5 years ago, speed fin choice was very limited, Tectonic F1, F-Hot and Select Viper speeds where the main fins. But in 2011 we are spoilt for choice. Most fin manufactures have a couple of dedicated speed fins in there line up. Heres are brief over view of a few fins. This is not a fin test/review, just a brief over view of a few of popular fins (sorry if any have been left out).

Select fins:

Casper Speed, sizes 21cm to 33cm.

Carbon fin with straight trailing edge and a bit of rake. Easy to use and very capable low cost speed fin. Ideal for newbies on a budget, but also great for high level speed sailors.

Chocco Fins:

Mach 1 speed. Sizes 22cm to 30cm.

G10 fin with swept back rake for added control in chop. Great fin that does not cost a fortune.

C3 Fins:

Slingshot, Sizes 21cm, 23cm and 25cm.

G10 construction. New school wide base (high surface area) speed fin. New concept and seems to be working well in some boards for some riders. I have the 21cm and 25cm and Im yet to decide if I’ve wasted my money, will update after a few more sessions. Worth mentioning that Dutch speedie, Jacques van der Hout did over 48 knot peaks with the Slingshot 21cm at La Franqui, France last year.


Falcon F1, sizes from 20cm to 33cm.

Most speed sailors have either had or still have at least one Falcon F1. Very forgiving fin on choppy speed courses, capable of high speeds in the right hands. Not always the easiest fin to get going with and has a habit of letting go at speed if your not light with your back foot.  Lots of great peak speeds with this fin, recently Kev Greenslade had a 46 knot peak on a Falcon F1 24cm at West Kirby. I have these in 24, 26, 28, 30 and 33cm and like them a lot.

Time Machine:

TM45 Assy 22cm. Carbon construction from Australia. One of my best fins. Assymetrical design for starboard tack only, meaning it has more concave on one side. This means you can take a smaller sized fin. Lots have gone fast on this fin.


Lockwood/McDougall Assy, sizes 21, 21.5 and 23cm.

Another great assy design fin in G10 construction. Again plenty of peak speeds over 45 knots. Aussie, Chris Lockwood hit 46.5k with this fin. Very expensive compared to other brands, but some guys are happy to pay for that bit extra speed.

K4 Fins:

20cm assy custom carbon.

Developed by Steve Thorp, Farrel O’Shea and custom board builder Jon Kennett. This fin has been designed with one thing in mind, world record speeds. On its  first outing, both Steve and Farrel got over 48 knot peaks, on the the right day expect to these guys hitting over 50k peaks (I hope to have a camera handy on that day). Compared to other custom carbon speed fins, these are pretty low cost. Will be getting one of these at some point.

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