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Third day of summer and the winds are looking pretty light (for now). Ideal time to blog about Spring. With record levels of cold weather, for me the windsurf season finally kicked off during the last week in February. It started of with big kit, mostly 8m and 9m winds on medium or large slalom boards. This was great for testing out the bigger North Warp sizes. The F2010′s have improved since the previous years version. They set fuller and generate more pull. I would go as far as to say that the F2010 7m has the same power as the F2009 8m. Compared with the F2009, the F2010 is geared more towards big riders. It is slightly harder to find the correct setting, and a bit of time is need to get the batten tensions correct for smooth cam rotation. Once set up properly, they are sweet. The iS107 wood and iS137 wood have been getting a lot of use, these boards rock. Managed to get a 35k peak on the iS107 with a 7m and 41cm fin, love it.

Starboard iS107 and 8m NS Warp F2010

May proved to be great fun as the stronger westerly winds returned, several 40 knot peak session for me this month. Some how, I managed to get Starboards XL speedboard, the W58 to do 38 knots with an 8m F2010, a new big sail PR for me. I think this would have been pretty hard to do on an 8m a couple of years ago, just proves how sails have improved. I also got a new 500m PR at 38 knots, so was well chuffed with this result. If we get decent winds, the 500m 40k is just around the corner.

Starboard W58 and NS Warp F2010 8m

All in all, its been a great Spring, clocked about 30 sessions, and with the exception of the F2010 5.2m (that needs big winds) managed to tune all my F2010 sails. All the boards are working great. I used the C3 Slingshot speed fins a few times but was not pleased with them, now they have been sold and a couple of Tectonic Nomads are winging their way over to me, will comment on them soon. We had one day that showed promise for world records. Both Farrel O’Shea and Martin Van Muers were prepairing for 50k peaks. I was ready with the camera hoping to catch the the first ever West Kirby 50k run, but bad luck meant the course was far to broad. Its only a matter of time before it happens. Hopefully the record will go to Farrel, or possibly Steve T (sorry Martin)  :)

Hopefully Summer will be as much fun as spring, we will see:)

Starboard W49 and NS Warp F2010 6.3m

Heading up to speed course maxed out on the Starboard W49 and F2010 7m

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