Isonic 107 test

Managed to get a couple of iS107 wood session in, first impression are great.

I came from a 2008 iS111 so I was looking for a few big improvements since three years had past by, I am not disappointed, the iS107 has been improved in all areas.

So far, I have only used it with a 9m and a 41cm fin. But even when weighed down with a 9m race sail and a 100kg ridder, this board is comfortable. My old iS111 always felt like it would have been better with an 8.5m.

The iS107 takes off about the same as the old iS111. Gybing is about the same. Upwind about the same. Downwind speed is faster for sure.

The iS107 feels easier to sail at full throttle in choppy waters c/w my old iS111, I could not figure out why as yet, deck concave must aid control I guess, but I think there are other factores working here. The iS107 wood is not too physical to sail, maybe this because wood is much easier than carbon? My 137 carbon is more physical to sail c/w iS107 wood.

I feel that the iS107 is slightly faster than the iS111. Managed 33 knots peak speeds with a 9m/41cm in 15k to 20k winds during my first couple of sessions, with more speed to come. My old iS111 has had peaks at over 35 knots, but that was with smaller 7m and 8m sails, I think the iS107 will go slightly quicker.

The iS107 rides higher than the old iS111. I also feel that the iS107 will take a slightly smaller fin if you want top-end speed.

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