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Am back from a crazy 2 weeks in Fuerteventura – it was super windy 3.7m stacked everyday. Had an amazing first week learning lots of new stuff and generally remembering what its like to sail with a bit of power again. Second week had some hiccups mainly broke a board and mast but also managed to badly hurt my ribs by landing on the mast! Unfortunatly this meant I couldn’t sail much in the second week which was our main video/photo time.

We spent most of the time at Sotavento, but also had a cheeky wave session at Cotillo and a surf near Glass beach. Sotavento its nuts, I wouldn’t recommend it as a place to learn as its probably the gustiest place on the planet. But for freestyle its awesome – you have flat water and small waves with offshore wind. In some tides it can all get a bit intense and we actually discovered a not so secret spot 5 mins from Costa Calma which was slightly more relaxed to sail at.

As there were a load of UK freestylers out at the same time we held an Xpression session on our last day. I was super to keen to get involved so OD’ed on the painkillers and managed to compete. There will be more details of the results and event to follow.

You can also check out a pic of the pimp pickup we hired :) This made it quite hard to spend any time windsurfing as all I wanted to do was drive this beast around. On our way back to the airport we got stopped by el’guardo clivio aka bribery police. Apparently the truck was too long due to all the kit so they tried to fine us 280 euros!! A bit of sweet talking from Maeli managed to reduce this to 40 however we had to repack the truck so that all the kit was on the roof… then drop it off before entering the airport so the hire company didnt see.

I’ll be putting the few photos we got up on my website shortly! (

See you :)

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