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I have been windsurfing for over 10 years now and haven’t looked back since I first tried are beloved sport in the cold Isle of the UK. Now I’m running One of the best windsurfing center in world ‘Clubvass’ in Vassiliki Greece. I started out at UKSA training to be an Instructor, and then ended up teaching in Turkey, Greece, and Antigua. After some time in the Uk it was time for me to do some wave sailing so I traveled to South Africa to learn from the pro’s how it’s done.

Then came Clubvass and Freestyle, when I arrived at Clubvass I could just about do a Vulcan and a loop but after sailing with Bubble and Si hurry all I wanted to do was get better at freestyle. When I worked in El Yaque, Margarita for clubvass I learnt from one of the UK orignal talents Benny Harrison who had a big influence on My windsurfing Career. Also having the likes of Ricardo Campello and Chaio Diaz to sail with wasn’t bad.

It’s thanks to Clubvass and boardwise that I first got sponsorship they both have been great support over the years to get me on the competition scene In the UK and on the EFPT tour.

At the moment I pushing Kids freestyle and the Club Vass slalom series which
I’m really enjoying doing more racing.

Fav move: ponch,Shaka
Fav spot: Jericoacoara,Vassiliki

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Updates from Ollie Scott coming soon

Updates from Ollie Scott coming soon

Ollie Scott will be keeping you upto date with his adventures real soon. Keep checking back!  Read More →